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Memories and emotions live on in the cells in our bodies and become part of our blue print. For us to unhinge from them, we have to consciously address them. Our Healing Bodywork services help you release, re-balance and re-discover optimal wellness.


Mindful Thai

Thai Massage and Yogic Stretching    

Zone in with this highly effective therapeutic treatment. Gentle flowing stretches, acupressure, and reflexology all gracefully choreographed with the use of essential oils. This full body treatment eases aching muscles and a tired spirit.

Wear loose comfortable white clothing.   

Practice the art of slowing down in NYC. Try our core sacred experiences.


SLOW Yoga is a one-on-one Yin Vinyasa blend using conscious breath work and gentle flowing stretches to restore the natural flow of energy to the body. 

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Move out of the fight n flight response. Re-instate balance and regain your energy and abundance.

Signature 50

Deep Tissue Massage

A 50 minute deep tissue massage with mindful breath work. Perfect for work overload and aching muscles. #fit into your day with ease. Choose from our selection of rose essential oils.