Slow Down. Sync In.

Stress is so endemic in our urban culture that we are almost unaware of it. Our 24/7 plugged-in-ness is causing havoc on our natural ecosystems as human beings and having a debilitating effect on our wellbeing.     

Sherry Turkle, a Social Studies professor at MIT, talks about us experiencing what she describes as “alone togetherness.” That in spite of all of our interconnectivity, we’ve actually never been so far from Self. Whereby we are constantly in a push-pull effect with no time to slow down, reboot and reflect on what’s really important to us.    
Sacred Space NY offers you an invitation to tune inwards. Whether during a session in the healing pod or one of our hosted sessions with our wellness partners, each experience is an opportunity for you to connect to your authentic self, re-set and experience a new State of Grace. 
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Jameson Elder