Walking the Sacred Path

What does it look like to walk the Sacred Path?                   

The sacred path is about stepping beyond our story, and walking a path of grace, surrender, and unconditional love, no matter what life presents us with. Living in a more authentic way that’s in alignment with  Spirit.

Let the process take you and live by the surprises.

When life presents us with situations that rock us to our core, unravel all the hidden parts of ourselves we didn’t even know were there, we are left with only one thing to do and that is to become even more Beautiful.

Life is not a quest for acquisition, it’s a quest for letting go.  

All the answers we seek lie within us. Be careful to hear your true voice, not the voice of your conditioned mind or your fragile ego, or your bruised heart. Listen quietly. What is that silent place inside of you telling you to do. What is the one thing you can do in your life, the likes of which, will change everything.     

Underlaying our everyday thoughts is an ever present state of inner quiet which is a gateway to a profound sense of joy, clarity and connection. 

Each person we meet, each situation we encounter is a mirror reflecting back at us some part of ourselves that needs tending to. Graciously accept all you receive knowing that we are all here to do this work and gently usher each other on. 
When we can learn to love each other as fellow residents on this planet, all in this game together, each doing our best to keep our dreams alive and hopes inspired we automatically feel a sense of connected kinship and grace. 

Jameson Elder