7 Qualities and States of Awareness: Wonder

Introducing Sacred Space NY's poetic soul-fueled musings  -  as part of the (de-mistify) Spirituality Series.

7  qualities and states of awareness that shape how we see and feel.       

Defining the essence of (y) our user experience.

Let your Life be Living Art.


At the heart of Wonder lies our ability to be arrested by the power of a new potential.  

A feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.   


desire to know something; feel curious. 

feel doubt.

To Wonder is to question ( and challenge ) the heart of our preconceptions.  

Toddlers have the feeling of wonder every day, exploring the world anew, not caught up in worry or regret.

impact - enhance your experience with a technicolor view.           

reward - pure unaffected moment of full presence . no dogma, be open to the Mystery of Experience.  

Experience the world as your Oyster. #endofsummerwonder 

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Shelley Lewis