Our Philosophy

Sacred Space NY offers you an invitation to tune inwards. Whether during a session in the healing pod or one of our hosted sessions with our wellness partners, each experience is an opportunity for you to re-set and experience a new State of Grace. Our Reconnecting Rituals are designed to make it easy for you to heal, detox and recharge physically and mentally.

Sacred Space NY’s founding philosophy: "Stop the Tweet. Reconnect" honors the practice of slowing down in NYC. 

Ushering in a new mode of authentic connection and sharing as we hustle about the city. Remembering that despite the power and influence of technology we must not forget our ability to be vulnerable and empathic with each other.

MIT Professor of Social Studies Sherry Turkle talks about us experiencing what she describes as an “alone togetherness.” That our 24/7 plugged-in-ness is causing havoc on our natural ecosystems as human beings and having a debilitating effect on our wellbeing. That for all of this interconnectivity, we’ve actually never been so far from Self.

When we learn to slow down, one of the most beautiful side effects of this simply met intention is that we remember how to savor.

Our hearts soften and we become more gentle and loving with ourselves and each other. We learn to recognize the natural ebb and flow of life and live with a greater degree of ease, freedom and comfort - no matter what circumstances are arising.      

To find stillness in the midst of the craziness. To find balance in the midst of chaos. To bring back the concept of Sacred without the dogma.

This is Sacred Space NY.


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