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Reinventing Sacred Space In The City


Spiritual Fitness

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Despite the power of technology, our interconnectivity has taken us far from self.

When we lose touch with ourselves. We lose touch with our Wonder, Awe, and Grace.

In our overly stimulated world, Sacred Space creates an environment of Pure Meditation, Intention Setting and Divining. Our newly designed Art of Reconnection experiences offer anti-stress and self care techniques to harness your inner voice and bring you back into balance.


We Welcome All Believers And Non Believers.


Sip Tea. Meet Souls.

Not a Noisy Coffeeshop.

Not a Sceney Hotel Lobby.

Not a Crowded Apartment.

Sacred Space NY

The Meditative tradition is based on understanding the power of the mind and how our reality takes shape within us. When the mind is totally calm and content it is like restoring the mind to its natural ease, its natural state of grace.


In White Space we help you clear away the debris built up by your emotions to create new possibilities in your life. Gently enter White Space = Your Space of infinite possibility.

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Men's Circle

In a culture that doesn’t support the subtlety of men. The Mens Circle creates a safe haven for men.


East 57th St.

Our flagship Healing Pod™ located at Yelo is designed as a beautiful refuge from the constant influx of noise on the senses. Now featuring LightStim a revolutionary new technology to heal and reduce inflamation.